If you are an experienced Internet shopper, most of the information on this page may not be necessary for you. BUT… To be certain that Core Ensemble and our supporters receive the maximum benefit from shopping at the site, please follow the account registration information outlined below.


The Core Store is at:

The link above will take you to The Core Store. You will see near the upper part of the homepage “You are shopping on the Core Store portal”. This confirms that you are in the right place.

Go to the very top of page and click on Sign In/Create an Account.

On the next page, enter the email address you would like to use for this account and then check off “No I would like to create a New Account” and then the tab: “Create Account” – this will take you to a standard registration form as you would see on any retail website.

At the bottom of the page you will see: “Were you referred by a friend?”

If a friend informed you about this and you would like them to benefit from your shopping, please enter their email address. Or…you can enter or  and this will provide additional support for Core Ensemble when you purchase products.

Once you have “created an account”, you can start shopping to benefit Core Ensemble and qualify to receive Cashback of 2% or more credited to your account on all qualified purchases. Your referral will also receive 0.5% Cashback credited to their account on all of your qualified purchases.


If you know the product that you would like to purchase, enter the name and any other detailed information into the Search Box.

For any of our Market America featured products, such as Pentaxyl, this will take you to the product page and you will see the Cashback percentage and you can order immediately within our store site.

BUT… The Core Store is also a Mall without Walls…
Providing direct access to the Websites of Hundreds of Partner Stores.

To see how this works, you can enter a non Market America product in the search box and the return will show you availability at one or more retailers and a Cashback amount for the purchase.

If you click on that product, you are then taken to the website of that retailer as if you went there in the first place!!!

BUT … If you purchase the product at the retailer site after going through The Core Store – you will receive the Cashback amount  originally offered and Core Ensemble will receive support as well. (Please see details of Shop Buddy below).


ColinJoan BeckfordJoan & Colin Beckford are longtime members of the Core Ensemble team and serve as our shop consultants at The Core Store. Joan is a makeup artist well versed in Motives Cosmetics and Colin works in our IT Department. Please do not hesitate to email them from the site or you can email Margot Emery ( or Michael Parola ( with any questions that you may have.


There are many really wonderful features at the Core Store site that utilize the latest advances in technology to increase convenience and efficiency in shopping. You can click on the following links for further details on how these features might be helpful to you:

  • Shop BuddyAutomatically alerts you to Cashback from Partner Stores
  • EGiftsCreates a unique gift selection for a friend or loved one.
  • MyListsStores Shopping Lists For Easy Repeat Purchases