NEW FOR 2019-20

LAS MAGNIFICAS is a Chamber Music Theatre piece for singing actress and trio (cello, piano and percussion), celebrating the lives of two towering figures of Latin American culture: Cuban Singer Celia Cruz, “The Queen of Salsa” and Chilean Singer Violeta Parra, Founder of the Nueva Cancion (New Song) Movement in Latin America. LEARN MORE


tv-175_goldCelebrating the lives of Frida Kahlo, Rufina Amaya and Alfonsina Storni. learn more Red_Arrow_Right

oee-175Celebrating Harlem Renaissance poets Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, & painter Aaron Douglas. learn more Red_Arrow_Right

lv-175Celebrating the lives of Diego Rivera, Oscar Romero, and Joaquin Murrieta. learn more Red_Arrow_Right

aiaw-175Celebrating the lives of Soujourner Truth, Zora Neale Hurston, Clementine Hunter and Fannie Lou Hamer. learn more Red_Arrow_Right


equally_divine_WORDSONLYThe real story of the Mona Lisa. learn more Red_Arrow_Right

Dynamic Educational Programs Celebrating Diversity


Our engaging shows feature multicultural themes based on the accomplishments of real historical figures drawn from the African American and Latino/Latina experience. Great for Hispanic Cultural Awareness, Black History, and Women's History Months, as well as all other months too!

The Core Ensemble is grateful for the support of the following organizations: